In-app Messaging

Keep all your conversations with wedding suppliers in one easy-to-access location on the MyShaadi app. Send messages to make a call through the app from anywhere.

Easy Communication

Throughout the course of your wedding planning, you certainly won’t have time to go around chasing multiple suppliers through different channels and mediums, trying to figure out which quote meets your expectations.

At MyShaadi, we can wholeheartedly relate to that. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just communicate with multiple suppliers and easily get a quote by filling out a single form? That’s exactly how easy, convenient and non-nuanced we’ve made it with our app.

Instantly Get in Touch with Your Wedding Supplier

Whether you’re simply interested in finding out if your supplier will do a specific theme or want to communicate with them after they’ve given you a quote, you can easily do just that from within the app. It’s kind of like talking to your friends and family through a live messaging engine.

No matter what wedding planning details you need to work out with your supplier, you don’t need to send emails and wait for a response, or call them up to get a busy tone or hold the line – use the app’s messaging feature to stay on top of all your wedding planning priorities, no matter where you are or what you’re busy with.

Get in touch with hundreds of wedding suppliers

Stay in touch with your wedding supplier 24/7 – get your quote and get planning by getting the app!

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