Wedding Countdown Timer

We know you’re counting down the days, so no use denying it! With the MyShaadi wedding countdown timer, you have a quick and easy to use countdown app at your fingertips which you can personalise too!

The Final Countdown

With the MyShaadi app, we take it a step further by giving you your very own Wedding Countdown Timer – which counts down even the final minutes and seconds. You can put all the to-dos, calendar markings and reminders aside – our Wedding Countdown Timer is the only reminder you’re going to need to let you know how much time you have left to plan and rehearse things.

Counting down the days with your family and spouse to be can be so much fun – but nothing quite compares to an actual timer which gives you even more reasons to get excited about how close that big day is.

Your Countdown Timer Made Personal

With a live countdown timer at your disposal, your wedding planning is made that much easier. To spice things up a little, go ahead and add both your names and photos along with the wedding date.

You’ll never lose track of how many days, or hours and minutes for that matter, are left when you have a wedding countdown timer displayed on the app’s Home screen at all times.

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Throw a little excitement in your wedding planning by having access to a live countdown.

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