A bridal make-up trial is highly recommended for every soon-to-be-bride for several reasons. First of all, a bride must look nothing less than spectacular on her wedding and for that to happen, her hair and make-up should be on-point. Two, its always wise to trust your make-up artist lesser than you normally would on your wedding day because there is no room for error when it comes to putting together a look that enhances your natural beauty.

This is where a make-up trial comes to the rescue that will let you breathe in peace amidst the chaos of wedding prep.

While putting together a look for your wedding day, you must work with your make up artist to choose one that will make heads turn on the day of your wedding. Its also the perfect opportunity to lay all your expectations on the table and get clear on all aspects of hair and make-up well in advance.

Below are a bunch of helpful tips and strategies to make the most of your bridal make-up trial including everything you can expect from one and all the homework you need to do to make it fruitful…


1. Do your own Research

Even if you are going to one of the best Make-Up Artists in town, its always safe to research different make-up styles and techniques and make a list of your most favourite.

Ask former brides of the products they used, colours, and techniques. Don’t forget to ask them their experience of a bridal make-up trial and collect a bunch of useful tips and pointers. Ask around for the best bridal make-up artist and get honest reviews from people who’ve availed their services.

Create mood boards of different styles and ideas you like, using services like Pinterest and Instagram.


2. Ask Questions

Don’t just sit mum listening to every word of the make-up artist during your bridal make-up trial. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you should know exactly what you’re going to look like. Here are some useful, highly-recommended questions that you need to ask your make-up artist on trial day:

  • What are the pricing packages you offer, and which one do you recommend for me?
  • What’s the best look for my bridal style?
  • Is the chosen look appropriate for the season and venue?
  • Are you clear on my expectations?
  • Will the products harm my skin or deteriorate existing conditions?
  • Does the chosen make-up style suit my appearance?
  • Will the chosen look match my outfit


3. Time-Track

Your stylist will probably give you trials on 1 or 2 looks to show how each goes with your face. Keep track of how much time each session takes because this information will useful on the day of your wedding.

No matter how prepared you are, the wedding day always goes by in a blur and the bridal make-up is what takes the most time. You need to be confident that your make-up artist arrives on-time so that they can get your make-up done to perfection without hurrying. Make sure to agree an arrival time in the morning of your big day, so you can be ready for when your make-up artist arrives.

Once you know how much time your preferred style will take, and agreed a time, your wedding day make-up will be smooth sailing.


4. What to Expect

Trials aren’t free so make sure you get your money’s worth.

Your make-up artist will probably give you trials on a couple of looks. Give honest feedback and let him/her know if you’d like to change something.

Take pictures along of your favourite bridal make-up look so that the MUA can try to replicate it. Ask the make-up artist to give you a trial on the full look and don’t encourage half-hearted attempts.

The most important part is pictures. Take lots of pictures from different angles for each style so that you can go home and look at them again. You can also share the pictures with your friends and family to get their opinion on what looks best.

Another reason why make-up trial photos are important is because what looks fabulous at the time may not look so good back home or later on in the day. So, you can go over the styles when your sense of judgement is at its peak and choose what’s best for you.


5. What to take along

Your bridal make-up must complement the entire look of your wedding. Its important that the make-up suits your hairstyle and bridal outfit and enhances your overall look as a bride.

What kind of bride you’re going to be plays an important role for the bridal make-up, so you need to take along a few important things for the trial:

  • Wedding Outfit Sample: You can either take a photograph of your wedding outfit or a sample with the colours and designs that your wedding outfit is going to have. This will be quite helpful for the MUA since he/she can choose matching colours and shades on the eye-shadow, highlight, or lipstick.
  • Pictures of favourite brides: If you have a friend who was a beautiful bride and you want to look just like her, you could take a picture of them along with their permission, of course. Or, if you’d rather look like a celebrity, take pictures of them as well.
  • Jewellery and/or shoes: You can take your jewellery and/or shoes along to help the make-up artist create a look that goes with the colours and designs.


On an important note, the average make-up trial generally cost between £50-100 so ensure that the price is agreed upon before you jump in.

Be aware of the products that the make-up artist will use. Its always safe to get a skin patch-test done to ensure no mishaps occur. After all, you absolutely cannot afford to suffer allergies or rashes a few days before or on your wedding day.

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