Get More Clients for Your Business With Our Guide to Promotions

We all know that deals and offers are useful when it comes to encouraging people to buy products, and most websites and brands will now offer their customers different incentives in order to encourage them to shop with them.

Whether it’s 50% off or a buy one get one free offer, there are tons of different types of promotions that can be employed, all of which can help you to improve your conversion.

Read on to find out how to use promotions in order to improve your conversion.


The best types of promotions to use

People love any opportunity to save money and to feel as though they are investing in a bargain, and promotions are a great way to do this. There are a number of different types that you can employ, and it pays to know that discounted prices aren’t always the most effective.

While they can work and are simple to execute, if you operate a membership site, you may be alienating your existing members with this kind of promotion. If they are paying on an ongoing basis and you suddenly choose to drop the price for new members, this is likely to attract some hostility from members who feel that they are being penalized as a result of being a loyal customer.

Multi-buy or bundle

If your website can offer customers more than one product or service, you could do a multi-buy offer where you lump a number of products together and offer them at a discounted rate. You could also do a buy one get one free offer, which normally works well as customers will be drawn to the idea of getting something at no cost whatsoever.

Free or low-cost trial

A lot of companies do this and it’s a great way of enticing customers. Who can resist a free subscription? If you are confident that your product or service is good, you can guarantee that people will be back for more.

Price increasing

This works in the opposite way to a price reduction or discount, and is when you let customers know that the price of something will be going up by a specific date, so they will need to purchase now in order to get the goods at the lower price. People tend to act fast with this one.


Which types of promotion to use


Different holidays are good times to run promotions, particularly because more people are interested in purchasing at these times of the year. Christmas promotions always work well, and if your business is fitness or health related, consider a New Year’s promotion.


For things like price increases, run them as and when you see fit.

Regular promotion schedule

Fancy getting super organised? Devise a regular promotion schedule, and this way you’ll know what’s coming up and will be able to plan accordingly.

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