So, the big day is over and now it’s time settle into married life. While it might seem like a fairy-tale to begin with, life will no doubt throw some curveballs at you and challenge you and your partner, so it’s important to remain strong.

Check out our tips for ensuring that you live happily ever after you say I do.

Always put your relationship first

Our modern lives are full of increasing levels of stress, and whether it be work or other family members, there is always something else to consider. Despite this, it’s important that your relationship doesn’t become an afterthought. If you are ever feeling stressed or overworked in any other part of your life, make time for your partner and remind yourself that this relationship is your number one priority.

Plan trips away together as frequently as you can 

While getting comfortable in your home together and having a good weekly routine is great, it’s important to continue to explore and go on holidays as a couple. Not only does it keep things exciting, but it reminds you of how fun you both are when you’re not working and contending with other stresses. Even if it’s just for a weekend away, try and plan something every couple of months. You’ll be amazed at how well you reconnect with each other and enjoy your time together on these trips.

Have your own life outside of the relationship

Marriage is all about unity and togetherness, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be joined at the hip and lose all contact with your friends and family members. Be sure to nurture these relationships, and encourage your spouse to do the same. Having hobbies for yourself is also really important, so whether you enjoy playing a sport or writing poetry, make time for activities that you can do by yourself. This will make you happier and feel more accomplished, which will, in turn, mean you are able to participate in your relationship more actively.


Your single days were for being selfish, but now that you are married you’ll have to get your head around the fact that it’s not all about you anymore. Try and find a middle-ground when it comes to certain things and be sure that it isn’t just one person doing all the compromising. It should be mutual and fair.

Have fun

Nothing’s more important than having fun with your partner, so be sure to do things together that you both enjoy to keep the spark alive. Whether it’s watching a funny film or going on a bike ride, make time for activities that make you happy and you can be sure your marriage will follow suit.

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