We are super excited to announce the launch of the brand new MyShaadi wedding directory app – available on iOS and Android devices.

MyShaadi has spent the best part of the last 18 months in development; from initial concept, to wireframing and design, to development and building the platform.

Work on the wedding directory app platform doesn’t stop there, we’ve got loads more features in the pipeline; things we just couldn’t fit in with the initial development and launch. So as our user and supplier base grows, so will the functionality and features available within MyShaadi.

Our aim is to build an extensive platform and community for wedding suppliers to be able to promote and advertise their services, with a wide range of features to help them do so. We also want to make it easy for those searching for suppliers for their weddings/events.
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What is MyShaadi Wedding Directory App All About?

MyShaadi is a digital platform designed to help the busy wedding planner, newly-weds-to-be or anyone else planning a special day to quickly and easily find suppliers, compare quotes and find special promotions to help them plan the perfect wedding.

For wedding suppliers, MyShaadi offers a range of tools to help bring in leads and help convert them to sales. Offering leads from real consumers right to the inbox, an online messaging system, tracking and analytic tools, ability to create promotions and much more.

With MyShaadi App, users can find trusted wedding suppliers as easy as browsing through a catalogue. Here are a few of the features and benefits we are shouting about on our platform:

MyShaadi iOS and Android Apps

  • Find trusted suppliers quickly and easily from the directory
  • Get quotes from multiple suppliers in one go,,
  • Get discounts and special offers exclusive to MyShaadi,
  • See reviews from real customers before deciding,
  • Communicate with suppliers through the platform

MyShaadi Supplier Dashboard

  • Grow your business by gaining access to a new mobile app audience,
  • Build brand recognition through reviews and achievements,
  • Promote new products and services by offering promotions on them,
  • Instant email notifications from leads looking for the services that supplier offers

Why MyShaadi?

Simply put, Wedding planning is a pain… well, unless you are a wedding planner, then it’s probably something you enjoy. But for the rest of us, it’s a pain.

Searching for the perfect supplier is a time consuming process often requiring hours of researching, emailing back and forth and comparing sometimes incomparable quotes.

For wedding suppliers, there are many online and offline directories out there, however they often are poorly designed or in many cases do not bring in enough leads for suppliers.

Many offline directories no longer get the readers they once did as everyone’s first place to search would be online. And most online directories simply do not offer the range of tools to help a business gain and convert leads to sales.

I’ve certainly faced these problems, both as a wedding organiser (planning my own wedding), and as a wedding supplier (being involved in building and marketing businesses). Although there are apps, directories, blogs and platforms out there that help in both scenarios, none of them seem to offer the right services, or provide the leads required to help my business.


How to get MyShaadi?

That’s easy. MyShaadi is available on iOS and Android devices right from your app stores. Simply search for ‘MyShaadi’ or click on the buttons below:


Suppliers can sign up to MyShaadi and start promoting your services right away. Click here to head over to the signup page.


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