Initiating Wedding Planning


‘Wedding Planning’ – declared impossible by some, while others shake with fear at the time, effort, and money this monstrous task demands. But on second thoughts, it seems absurd that planning a wedding turns out to be such a daunting and wearisome experience for so many. In fact, it should come as no surprise that wedding planning is quite an interesting and exciting challenge that shouldn’t have to be a mentally, emotionally, and financially draining process.

Planning a good wedding relies entirely on your decision making. The one who makes the best decisions, has the best wedding. But the hardest part about wedding planning is Initiating the process. Somehow, ‘Where to Begin?’ is the toughest question that the best of wedding planners fail to answer. Of course, when it comes to the fine details, planning and organising a wedding comes with infinite possibilities.

Meeting with Potential Wedding Planners may not be very wise before the essentials have been sorted from your end. Essentials refer to the big and most important obligations to be fulfilled with respect to planning and organising a wedding.

But before we come to that, let’s find out the best way of Initiating Wedding Planning.


Finding a Wedding Date


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Fix your Wedding Date before anything else because this will decide a lot of other aspects.

The date decides the attire for you and your guests, presence/absence of your nearest and dearest, venue availability, décor, theme, food, and so much more. This should be a no-brainer, really for everyone planning a wedding.

Not fixing a set date before prep is the biggest mistake you could ever make throughout the course of events. Here’s the basic aspects to consider before you arrive at a set date:

  • The weather – think about your event and the functions that will be taking place. If an outdoor wedding has always been your dream, then it’s best not to set the date in winter.
  • Rates for hiring services and venue during the chosen time of year – any time between May – September in the UK can be considered as peak wedding season. Normally vendors tend to up their rates to maximise on business during this period. Consider an Autumn – Spring wedding if you are on a tighter budget.
  • Climate and availability of Flowers and Menu Items – The last thing you want is the weather upsetting proceedings at your wedding. Consider the likelyhood of bad weather, or even avaliability of certain flowers, decorations or food items that you’d want.
  • Holidays and Events clashing with your date – Think about birthdays, anniversaries and religious events. Do you really want your auntie to gate-crash your celebrations with her 50th birthday bash?
  • Important Personal Dates for you, family, and friends. E.g., Birthdays, Exam Days, Death Anniversaries, etc. – This is quite important but sometimes easy to overlook. Be considerate of your most nearest and dearests own personal dates. Afterall you will need their full undivided attention in helping you make your wedding a dream come true.


Wedding Budgeting


wedding budgeting

Before you start yawning, you should know that without going through this step, you will go nowhere. Budget wisely, and you’ve won half the battle. As said earlier, weddings are full of many tempting possibilities, some of which are best left unknown until after you’ve decided your budget.

“How much can you spend?” is the one question you need to answer honestly and truthfully before you even allow yourself to think about detailed planning.

Here are a few supporting questions that you need to fetch answers for in order to craft a budget to the dot:

  • How many people and who exactly are willing to contribute?
  • How much money are you capable of spending without landing in financial difficulty?
  • Vision for the wedding considering the express wishes of the Bride and Groom, and interested parties including family and friends.

For more help and advice on wedding budgeting, see our blog post Planning a Wedding on a Budget


Make a Wedding Planning Priority List


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Dive deep into your wishes and dreams for your wedding day. Go back to your childhood if you can, to find your deepest desire for how you want the biggest day of your life unfold. Maybe you’ve always wanted a fairy-tale like dreamy wedding with exotic flower décor or you want to see your guests dancing the night away with rocking music. Come up with three top priorities and make a list of the aspects to which a major part of your wedding budget will be dedicated to. Your List should look something like this:

  1. Gourmet Catering
  2. Cocktail Party
  3. Celebrity DJ

Now that you have your high priority list, you will always be conscious of the fact that the items on this list will take a major chunk of your budget. This way you’ll compromise and restrict spends on other things.


Booking a Wedding Venue




This step causes brides to palpitate since finding the perfect venue is a matter of luck.

The venue speaks volumes about how the actual day will look and feel like. Its ok to feel a little panicky about the availability of the venue of your dreams. But with prior planning, you can bag your most preferred venue. Here’s a checklist to help you book the best venue:

  • Location must be convenient for everybody.
  • Expenses for logistics mustn’t go out of hand.
  • Spaciousness, beauty, and setting.
  • How well will your wedding theme fit in with the Venue?
  • Booking confirmation well in advance.
  • Meet with Venue Co-ordinators and Managers and take everybody’s contact details.
  • How accommodating is the venue with regrds to your aspirations and agenda for the day.

If you are looking for something a little different, we wrote a blog post on the 10 Most Unusual Wedding Venues to Get Married in the UK


Look into Key Wedding Suppliers


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This is a crucial and very delicate next-step.

Before you browse through potential vendors and suppliers, decide if you actually want a dedicated wedding planner or you prefer to source your own wedding suppliers.

Wedding Planners don’t come cheap and are often interested in maximising budget rather than living up to your expectations. Now is the time when you need to sit yourself down and look at vendor portfolios. Here’s how you can land on the best wedding vendors and suppliers:

  • Get recommendations from friends and family.
  • Look into popular choices and get a quote for comparison.
  • View wedding supplier’s websites and social media profiles to get a better idea of their services and end product.
  • Check reviews on websites like Facebook, Yell and Trustpilot
  • Arrange meetings with vendors to get to know them and get an insight into how they work.

There are many only directories which can help you find wedding suppliers near you. Download MyShaadi App on iOS or Android to help you get started on searching for wedding suppliers. Best thing is, you can submit one enquiry and get get quotes from multiple wedding suppliers.


This pretty much sums up the first-steps and the very beginning of wedding planning that you must go-through before getting into the tiny details. Watch out for Part 2 in this three-part series on How to Plan an Indian Wedding.

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