Gluten-free cakes are becomming more and more popular at weddings. In this post we talk about gluten, and our pick of suppliers who do amazing gluten-free wedding cakes.

One of the most exciting (and delicious) parts about planning a wedding is deciding on the cake that you will serve to your guests at the end. Not only is the cake a focal point of the day due to its appearance, it is also a way to ensure that your guests part from you with a sweet treat that reminds them of all of the fun that they had at your wedding.

Lots of people these days have a number of different intolerances and can’t eat certain things, so you’ve probably noticed alternatives popping up in place of standard cake options.

One such option that is becoming increasingly popular with brides is gluten-free cakes and egg-free cakes.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this type of cake.



Anyone who has an intolerance to gluten will tell you that when they eat it, they are likely to suffer from a number of gastrointestinal symptoms including feeling bloated and sick and developing heartburn or acid reflux.

Similarly, people with an intolerance to animal products like eggs are likely to feel unwell if they consume these products. So, in the interest of ensuring that all your guests have a good time, a gluten free cakes are a good option to go for.


Are gluten-free cakes healthier?

People tend to think that as soon as you remove something from a recipe, it becomes healthy. Sadly, this just isn’t the case when it comes to gluten and especially gluten-free cakes.

Gluten is a protein that naturally occurs in wheat and barley and adds to the moistness and elasticity of products like cakes. When this is removed from the recipe, something will need to be added in its place to ensure that it remains pleasant to eat, and often this is sugar and other additives.

If you are keen to keep your cake healthy for your guests, be sure to consult the baker that you use about what kind of ingredients they use, and try and find someone that sticks to fresh produce. This will also mean that you will be introduced to some gorgeous new flavours and may find something that you prefer to the typical vanilla sponge cake with a buttercream filling.


Remember that looks matter

Yes, you want your cake to be delicious, buy you also need to make sure that it looks good. It will be featuring in a lot of photographs, so make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and ties into your theme well. Consider size, colour and how you are going to decorate around it to maximise the appearance.


Gluten-free cake suppliers

Like the idea of gluten-free cakes, but don’t know where to start your search? Don’t worry, here are some suggestions for where to start your search:

Moo Moo Cakes

Moo Moo Cakes is a Cake Maker based in Suffolk, South Cambridgeshire and winner of Best Newcomer at the Suffolk Food and Drink Awards 2016. They provide great looking and tasting gluten free wedding cakes in unique flavours such as Chocolate Beetroot and Lemon, Courgette and Poppy Seed.

Claire’s Quality Cakes

Based in Solihull, West Midlands, Claire’s Quality Cakes come highly recommended (as we have used them ourselves!). They provide milk free, gluten free and egg free cakes with a variety of flavours including vanilla, chocolate, lemon and coffee.

Emila’s Cakes

Based in Coventry, West Midlands, Emilia’s Cakes are registered with The Vegan Society and have a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (very good). With over 10 years in gluten-free cakes, they have also recently introduced vegan cakes that are both dairy and egg free.

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