We all want to remember our wedding day forever, and photographs play a key part in this. They help to capture the special moments and record them, with many of us giving away photographs to friends or creating albums with all of our favourite snaps in.

While photography will feature in all weddings, some people are now choosing to get more creative and are coming up with ways to get their guests involved with DIY ideas.

Check out our blog for some of the best DIY wedding photography ideas.


Photo booths

They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, and photo booths are a great way to add a fun element to your day that your guests can take part in.

All you’ll need to do is get a large piece of fabric and attach it to an empty wall to serve as the background. You’ll need a camera on a tripod and some sort of lighting, then you’re good to go. For the best quality images, use an SLR camera mounted on a tripod. Lighting sets can be picked up fairly cheaply online – make sure your photo booth area is well lit so the details stand out.

Don’t forget the props as well – save money by purchasing these from budget shops or online from sites like eBay. Include things like feather boas, cowboy hats and large novelty sunglasses for all your guests to pose with. They’ll love this, especially after a few drinks!

You could even include a chalkboard so that guests can write personal messages and hold them up in the photos.


Get a wedding photo app

With most people glued to their phones these days, a great way to get everyone involved in photo taking and sharing is to encourage your guests to all join an app on the day.

WedPics is a great app and is available on iPhone and Android. It will allow you to invite all of your guests to your profile, where they can share photos that they have taken on the day and also browse through those that other attendees have taken. This is a great way to add a more social element to the day and also means that you’re more likely to find a photo of yourself that you like.


Put disposable cameras on tables

This is a great way to encourage your guests to take photos and will also mean that you’ll get a glimpse into the fun that was had with each group of your friends and family.


Get them processed after the wedding and make a huge board with all the photos on. Want to make it even more personal? Ask your friends to write you messages on small pieces of card and stick place these on the board as well.

For real time sharing, set up a group WhatsApp chat – your guests can then share snaps during the event and upload them instantly for everyone to enjoy.


Create a custom wedding Snapchat filter

Snapchat allows users to create custom geofilters and lenses. Learn how to create your own custom wedding Snapchat Filter.

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