When you think of an Asian wedding directory, nine times out of ten you will think of a printed book containing hundreds of back to back, poorly designed ads.

Or you may even think of a busy looking website with lots of Asian wedding companies who have paid to feature near the top. How do you know that these are trusted and reputable companies?

If only there was an easier way…

With the MyShaadi Asian wedding directory app, we do things a little different. To start with MyShaadi is a free downloadable app for Android and iOS devices and we don’t have a printed book of ads.


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Why do we need another Asian wedding directory?

Whilst organising and planning three close family weddings (including my own) it became apparent that finding the right wedding suppliers for all our needs was and extremely difficult and time-consuming task.

At any one point I would be in communication with three or four suppliers, asking each different questions and requesting comparable quotes. Each supplier would provide something different than the other, so I would spend time going back and forth requesting changes or negotiating on the price.

None of the existing Asian wedding directories seemed to help either. I would often find the online directories were more concerned with getting more wedding suppliers paying for subscriptions rather than focusing on promoting quality services and products.

Any of the printed Asian wedding directories were of no use either, although convenient to quickly look through, It was always a long process in researching the company and finding out exactly what they can offer through email exchanges.


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So what makes MyShaadi so special?

I’m glad you asked.

First of all MyShaadi is an Asian wedding directory, that was designed to help the busy weddingplanner  quickly and easily find wedding suppliers, and retrieve comparable quotes from multiple vendors.This allows you to concentrate on more important things… like tasting wedding cake and trying on outfits!

Here are a few of our top features:

Verified and trusted suppliers

All of the wedding suppliers that feature in the MyShaadi wedding app are checked and verified to ensure that we only list quality companies that have a good reputation.

Our checks include wether they are an authentic company, their past reviews and also their social media presence. These points combined ensure that any supplier booked through the MyShaadi Asian wedding directory can be trusted and will provide a high quality service.

All the details you need

Reduce your time spent researching wedding suppliers, making calls to get more details or replying on outdated websites for reviews.

Through MyShaadi wedding directory you can quickly and easily see all the details you needto make an informed decision about a wedding supplier.

Our Asian wedding directory allows you to view gallery images from past bookings, read reviews from real customers and even check out suppliers social media profiles to ensure they perfect for you.

Exclusive discounts and promotions

We know that weddings can be expensive, with the average cost of a wedding in the UK being between £20,000-£30,00 and the cost of an Indian wedding costing upwards of £50,000. Wherever you can save money would be a great help, and allow you to get even more from your wedding.

Through the Myshaadi app, you will be able to access exclusive offers and promotions from wedding suppliers so you know you are always getting a great deal.

Quick and easy wedding quotes

We’ve all been in that position where you are contacting a wedding supplier, having crafted a long and detailed message on their website highlighting all your requirements and preferences.

You submit the form.

You receive nothing back! No confirmation email, and no reply from the supplier. How frustrating!

Further still, you can use our in-app enquiries to submit one form with all your wedding details, which goes out to all the suppliers matching your requirements. Suppliers will then get back to you with their best prices.

In-app messaging

With MyShaadi, you won’t be left chasing multiple suppliers through different means trying to decipher which quote is best. Our in-app messaging features mean you can communicate with all the wedding suppliers you’re interested in working with in one accessible place, even when you’re on the go.

Use MyShaadi app to find Asian wedding suppliers in your area

MyShaadi app is available FREE on Android and iOS from your app store. Simply search for ‘MyShaadi’ or click on the buttons below to get the app:


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