5 ways to Promote your Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Businesses most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have kicked into survival mode because it is the smartest thing to do now. Wedding suppliers are especially trying hard to stay afloat so that they can open shop when weddings go back to being the big, fat festivals like we knew them to be. If you’re a wedding vendor/supplier, trust us, you don’t need to be disheartened. In fact, this is the time to put on your thinking shoes and brainstorm for ideas. Ideas to promote your business as one that can creatively organise a celebration even within the constraints of a Covid wedding.

We have a few tips for wedding suppliers trying to promote their business and stay relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Keep in touch

Since acquiring new clients will be tougher, its time to fall back on your past clients. Get to know how they’re doing since you’ve worked to make their special day memorable. This is a great way to get leads on couples who’ve had to cancel/delay their wedding. See how you can help them out. You can speak to past clients to help get the word out about your business.


2. Be active on social media

Social media is a lifesaver during this pandemic because it keeps us connected with the world even when everyone is locked up in their own homes. Learn more about how each social media platform works and which one has the maximum outreach to potential clients. You could also make simple posters or flyers and share them on your feed if you cannot build a complete web presence for your supplier business. Most wedding consultations, appointments, and portfolios are going online, and your supplier business stands to gain a great deal from an active social media presence.


3. Rethink and reimagine business

It is a fact that the wedding industry is undergoing a major transformation and you need to adapt your business to meet the need for humble, safe, and socially distanced celebrations in the future. Utilise the present time to assess your business, tweak your products and services accordingly, and make it more appealing to clients in the post-pandemic era. Take this time as an opportunity to ready your business for when weddings resume once again.


4. Turn to the digital space

If you thought a wedding business could not go digital, think again. There are many ways to use digital platforms to share your expertise and valuable knowledge that you’ve amassed over the years. A few good ideas to make use of the digital space during this pandemic would be to share tutorial videos for makeup, design, décor, etc. You could also write blogs about your wedding stories, share information and inspiration. This way, you can get readers hooked and you can increase awareness about your business and experience.


5. Submit your business to online blogs

Research blogs and online portals with a widespread target audience who will gladly share your website and business. There are guest blogs and advertising portals who may either post about your business for free or for a fee. Do your research and get in touch with wedding blogs to keep your business in the public eye.

Conclusion: The Covid-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for wedding suppliers. But by restructuring your business and focusing on digital outreach, its possible to get through this phase of uncertainty. We believe that big, fat weddings will return and when they do, we hope you will be available.

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