If you think a red bull or two alone will suffice in planning and organising your wedding to perfection, think again!

You can’t have a memorable wedding without the support of friends and family, and wedding planners or wedding suppliers. Your wedding planners/organisers are in fact, the most important people on your wedding day who you need to rely on.

When all the crucial aspects of the event rests in the hands of your wedding supplier, picking the perfect one is imperative. The following tips will serve as a guide in helping you find your perfect suppliers; leaving you stress-free until your big day arrives:


1. Perfect your Budget


wedding budgeting

Allocating your budget to the most important aspects of your wedding event; be it photography, catering service, or the decor will make it easier to pick the best suppliers for them.

Consider these tips while sitting down to make room for suppliers in your budget:

Setting a pre-defined Budget is Key

If a supplier is to your liking, allocate funds out of your wedding budget even before you hire them.

Doing this will give you an insight on where you need to cut costs and which services are more important than others. Setting a pre-defined budget ensures that you don’t overspend without realising. It also gives you the freedom to obtain more services at controlled costs by dropping the ones that you don’t need.

Don’t go overboard

Top notch wedding suppliers are generally expensive and have irresistible portfolios. It can be sorely tempting to hire what you see but you want an amazing wedding, not one that leaves behind a ton of regret.

See if a Supplier can meet your Budget

When meeting suppliers, know that you are in control since its your wedding that needs planning. If what they offer is above your budget, try to workaround and see if they can offer you premium goods and services tailored to fit your budget. Its best not to stick to demanding suppliers and to find more flexible services at affordable prices.

Don’t be afraid to haggle to an extent

Its ok to ask Suppliers for their services that match your budget. If you’re impressed with a supplier’s portfolio, try bargaining for a deal you can agree on. If they don’t agree, simply move on to a better company.

For more information on wedding budgeting, read our blog article on Planning a Wedding on a Budget


2. Research is key!


Couple researching into wedding suppliers

Knowing what popular wedding suppliers in your vicinity have to offer will throw clear light on what you expect from the one you hire. The Internet is the best place to find good suppliers in your area, but you can always ask around for the best suppliers with a record of providing good quality wedding flowers, décor, and good planning/organising services.

Arriving at a Preferred Colour Scheme

Whether or not you have a colour scheme that you’d like to stick to, researching best suited wedding colour schemes will be very helpful in picking the right props and accessories for the décor. Instead of being overwhelmed with choices put forth by the vendor, learning your preferred colour scheme will make things easier for you as well as for your supplier to work together with.

Steal Wedding Ideas

If you’ve ever been to a friend or family member’s wedding and thought that they’re entertainment or catering idea was brilliant, its perfectly alright to add it to yours. When you have a specific theme in mind, you can effortlessly communicate it to wedding suppliers and have them make the necessary arrangements to bring your idea to life.

Check for Past Reviews and Portfolio

Wedding Suppliers demand a major portion of your wedding budget. As such, you need to be very sure of a supplier’s credibility to avoid being ripped off. Don’t believe everything a supplier says instead check for real reviews from past customers and thoroughly go through their Portfolio to know for sure if they’re the right pick.

Check Supplier’s Background

Wedding Organizing and Supply is a big business with several small and large companies fighting for clients who are ready to pay fat checks for lavish wedding events. To ensure that you’re putting your money into the right hands, check the supplier’s background before hiring them and save yourself from being cheated.


3. Compare

Once you have a rough list of the best florists/photographers, etc. you may consider hiring; compare the services they offer, pricing and packages, reviews, portfolio, and their reputation. Comparing lets you prioritise your requirements with respect to the expectations you have for the event. Comparing also gives you a bird’s eye view of who among the lot stands out as a clear choice.

Never book the first Company you find, unless you’re sure

Oftentimes, wedding preparations can get so overwhelming that you may feel like booking the first wedding suppliers who present an attractive portfolio and be done with the tedious task of researching. But doing this may turn out to be a huge mistake. You must be wary of the very first company you find since they may be far from being the perfect supplier for your special day.

Get at least 3 quotes from other suppliers

Don’t hesitate to negotiate for customised packages that meet your preferences from suppliers you meet. Get at least 3 quotes from both desirable companies as well as from suppliers you aren’t very impressed with. This way, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Gauge different Companies

Make a list of vendors you’re interested in and compare the quality of services they provide against pricing. Choose vendors that can offer high quality goods and services at the most reasonable and affordable price. Choose suppliers who are ready to provide a little more than what’s expected from them. Keep an eye out for good customer service since suppliers who keep the needs of clients above their own never fail to exceed expectations.


4. Planning is Key

Whoever said the perfect suppliers would fall into your lap at the opportune moment hasn’t a clue about last minute wedding disasters. Planning involves deciding WHERE you’re going to browse for potential suppliers, all the things you would discuss with them, and the deciding factors that make a company worthwhile.

Timing is Crucial

A big part of a supplier’s responsibility is to show up at the right time before the start of an event and to ensure everything is in place before the guests start to arrive. Communicating the event start and end times and following up with your suppliers regarding preparation is key to obtaining the best service from them.

Ask for advice

Suppliers have experience organising weddings and generally have the best ideas. Ask for advice and tips on how best to prepare and you’ll be surprised to get some brilliant suggestions.


5. Use MyShaadi Wedding Directory App


Woman looking at Asian wedding directory app MyShaadi

MyShaadi works to connect genuine wedding suppliers with interested clients looking for customized services at affordable pricing. With MyShaadi you don’t have to struggle to find reputable wedding companies around you.

Compare and Rate Suppliers on the MyShaadi App

MyShaadi is a portal for listings of local suppliers. Simply download the app and browse through wedding event planners and organisers and read real reviews from clients.

Promotions and Discounts

With MyShaadi you can avail attractive promotions and discounts to hire wedding services. Now you can hire premium services at reasonable pricing for the wedding of your dreams.

Talk to several Suppliers at a time

With MyShaadi you can seemlessly communicate with wedding suppliers from one easy-to-use platform. No more searching for lost messages, or forgetting what a supplier said.


With very few services available that help brides and grooms plan their wedding from one place, MyShaadi is a breather. Join MyShaadi and do away with having to run around meeting several different suppliers. Easily get in touch with leading wedding suppliers right from the App. You can also get several quotes, huge discounts and offers on your wedding prep. Get your Suppliers booked in advance, sit back, relax and start the countdown to your big day!

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