If you’re planning on getting married next year, it’s likely that you’ve already started thinking about your theme, searching for a venue, and perhaps even trying on dresses.

Much like in the fashion industry, wedding trends are always coming and going, so it pays to keep up to date with what’s in to ensure your wedding is on-trend.

Read our blog to find out the top wedding trends to watch out for in 2018 – these are a mixture of cultural movements sweeping the country (such as the alternative food trend), older trends coming back into fashion and things being adopted from the fashion industry (such as pearl s and black accents).


1. 3D florals

Think dresses with floral corsets that stand out and make an impact. This trend is perfect for fashion-forward brides who are all about the dress.

2. Transparent elements

This trend will stretch across a number of different elements from the venue itself to the decoration and décor. In terms of venues, glasshouses will become a popular choice and are great in summer months, while Perspex-hanging seating plans and invites printed on see-through paper will also feature.

3. Alternative food

For the adventurous foodie who’s keen to shy away from the classic meat and two veg at their wedding, 2018 will be a great year as less conventional choices will be introduced, including Mexican and Indian.

4. Pearls

This old-fashioned accessory is coming back in a big way in 2018, and not just in the form of necklaces. Expect to see pearls on dresses, headpieces and even rings.

5. Wedding wreaths

It turns out that wreaths aren’t just reserved for the festive season as they are now showing up at weddings to. Incorporate wispy grasses and wild flowers to impress your guests.

6. Black accents

While it’s not a traditional bridal colour, black is set to be featured in weddings in 2018. Of course, don’t expect to see black dresses coming down the aisle, but small embellishments such as ribbons and jewels on otherwise classic bridal wear will be featuring.

7. Smaller ceremonies

If you’re looking to spend less, you’re in luck as weddings are set to get smaller in 2018, with people opting for more low-key, intimate affairs.

8. Stylish capes

Wedding cover-ups will be coming back this year in a number of different materials including lace and feather, perfect if you’re getting married in a colder climate.

9. Quirky invites

The invitation sets the tone for the day, which is why many people are now choosing to push theirs out of the ordinary realms and into something more innovative. Adding different materials like stone and wood will be popular.

10. Marble and copper

This combo is making waves in the home décor industry but is also set to feature in weddings next year. Think marble plates with copper cutlery.

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