An Indian Wedding is the most maddening, fantastic, and festive event that could ever occur. And an organiser of an Indian Wedding is truly to be pitied because he/she must divide his attention to a million different things at a time to make the Indian Wedding a success.

Unlike popular opinion, not all Indian Weddings have high budgets, although its true that every Indian Wedding is highly demanding in terms of Rituals, Décor, and Rehearsals.

The Indian Bridal Outfit is a crucial part of an Indian Wedding, not just for the Bride but for everyone involved because the Bridal Outfit may be chosen collectively by the family and there is a ton of expectation for the outfit to be nothing less than spectacular.

Choosing an Indian Bridal Outfit is a meticulous task and the following ten tips will help you pick the perfect one without too much hassle:

1. Be absolutely clear on your Budget

Let’s face it! An Indian Bridal Outfit, Saree or Lehenga makes up at least a quarter of the wedding budget and rightly so! Before you even start to look for stores, be very clear on how much you’re willing to spend for the bridal outfit. Do a fair amount of research online to know how much your preferred style and brand will cost.


2. The Indian Bridal Outfit Shoppers Team must be minimal

Generally, the bride and the groom’s parents accompany the bride as she embarks on her bridal outfit shopping spree. But ensure that you do not entrust this critical task to family alone and be present when picking your bridal outfit.

Choose your shopping team carefully and don’t take too many people along even if that means letting family members know that you don’t want them to accompany you. Too many people result in muddled opinions and this can be very confusing to the bride. The last thing you want is to turn into a bridezilla on your bridal outfit shopping day.


3. Body Type


Indian Bridal Outfits are heavy and you must customize it to suit your body type so that you look beautiful on your wedding day. Skinny girls with a small frame should maintain a healthy balance between exquisite and elegant to avoid looking lost amidst the heavy embroidery and flashing colours in an Indian Bridal Outfit.

The same goes for other body types as well. Maintain a fine balance between exuberance and elegance with your bridal outfit and ensure that it fits you perfectly.


4. Pay utmost attention to Colours and Embroidery

Indian Bridal Outfits work best when they’re in bright colours like Pink and Red but if you choose to be a mellow bride, that’s perfectly alright as well.

While choosing a lighter colour, make sure your outfit has heavy embroidery that gives it a royal touch.

Zardosi, Glass, Sequins, and Silk are all excellent embroidery for your bridal drape or choli. A perfect blend of embroidery and colours make for a stunning Indian Bridal Lehenga or Saree.


5. Fitting Day is Important

When you’ve chosen the perfect outfit for your wedding day, its time for the fittings. Its always safe to keep your opinions above everyone else on fitting day because the bride must feel special in her bridal outfit. And that’s not possible if your blouse or your lehenga has bad fitting.

Whatever image you have of your bridal outfit, communicate in clear terms to the fitter and don’t hesitate to steam-roller the fitter’s opinions if it doesn’t agree with your own.

During fitting, consider the kind of Bra you will wear along with placement of knots and hooks. Be very involved with every aspect of the tailoring work if you want absolute perfection in fittings.


6. Keep your wedding jewellery in mind while choosing your Indian bridal outfit

Wedding Jewellery is an important part of the bridal attire in Indian weddings and its not something that you have a lot of room for choice in. So, purchasing a brilliant bridal outfit and scouring through the streets trying to find matching jewellery that fits your budget isn’t a wise move.

Instead, buy your jewellery first and then you will have tons of options to create the perfect bridal outfit to match the colour and design on your jewellery.


7. Go to the best designer/tailor in town

Most tailors/fitters/designers know very less about serious Indian wedding bridal attire which is strange. But it pays to not completely rely on your fitter since some like to experiment and your bridal outfit is definitely not their canvas. Still others like to give their own inputs about how the stitching on your lehenga should be like.

Choose the best fitter in town who follows your instructions word for word rather than playing with your bridal lehenga according to their own whims and fancies.


8. Comfort is Priority

Bridal Outfits can get a little uncomfortable especially if they’re very heavy and have a lot of poky embroidery. But you don’t want to be feeling extremely uncomfortable in a tight or ill-fitting outfit on your wedding day.

Make sure the fittings of your blouse are on point and that you’re able to at least breathe peacefully while in it, even if you wouldn’t exactly be able to run a marathon in your wedding lehenga.


9. Keep the Work on your Blouse to a minimum

Indian Weddings can go on for quite some time and it can get stifling in all the jewellery and heavy makeup.

To smooth things down, don’t go for a heavy blouse because heavy work can make you itchy and uncomfortable. Instead, reserve all the heavy embroidery work for the skirt and the dupatta and settle for a more comfortable, well-fitting blouse with less embroidery.


10. Choose a colour that goes with your skin tone

Indian Bridal Outfits usually come in bright colours, with red, pink, and orange being the classic colours on a Saree or Lehenga. But not all skin tones agree with these colours.

At the end of the day, a wedding is all about the groom, and especially the bride. So, don’t let popular opinion rule your choice of a bridal outfit and its never wrong to not stick with the norms.

If you would prefer pastel shades on your Indian bridal outfit, go for it. Make yourself happy before anyone else and you’ll remember your wedding day forever as the happiest day of your life.


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