A well-dressed groom in a stunning designer wedding sherwani on his wedding day may be more alluring than his decked-up bride.

For everyone underestimating the Indian Groom attire, you should know that designer sherwanis constitute exquisite fabric and are designed in accordance with the latest groom wear trends of the season.

Unlike bridal wear, shopping for the perfect wedding sherwani is a lot tougher and requires careful planning as well as attention to detail. Makers of Men’s Wedding Wear take great care in choosing the right fabric textures and patterns to create stunning designs.

This year, the below 10 trends have taken Indian Men’s Wedding Sherwani Fashion by storm:



1. Royal Velvet Wedding Sherwani

Velvet may seem like a ‘been there done that’ style for sherwanis but there are so many ways in which you can use colors with velvet to look like a true royal groom.

Ranveer Singh in this stunning Velvet Sherwani styled by Manish Malhotra for 2018 is all the proof you need:

ranveer singh in royal velvet wedding sherwani

2. Embroidered and Handiwork

Few will be able to take their eyes off from a groom in a heavily embroidered sherwani with delicate handiwork. Men in hand worked attire is a rare sight best reserved for weddings.

Here’s Ranveer Singh once again, this time in a golden embroidered sherwani:

ranveer singh in embroidered wedding sherwani

3. Floral Wedding Sherwani

Florals are never the wrong choice, especially for weddings. Floral Designs on Sherwanis make for a vintage classy look and in no way reduce the charm of a well-dressed groom come to sweep his bride off her feet.

Check out Neil Nitin Mukesh in this beautiful red floral sherwani:

neil nitin mukesh wearing floral wedding sherwani

4. Ivory and Gold

Virat Kohli looked magnificent next to his beautiful bride on their wedding day. Although Kohli’s wedding sherwani may not be feasible to recreate for everyone, the Ivory and Gold combination designed by Sabyasachi is the most perfect choice for a sherwani style this wedding season.

virat kohli wearing ivory and gold wedding sherwani

5. Chocolate Brown Wedding Sherwani

The very thought of a groom in a Chocolate Brown colored Sherwani no doubt induces heavy breathing for most ladies. This color is hard to beat if done right.

The right fabric and handiwork on chocolate brown will result in a breathtaking wedding attire for any groom.

chocolate brown sherwani

6. The Angarkha Style

The Angarkha Style on a wedding sherwani will ensure that your toned body isn’t missed inside groom garb. Your bride won’t be able to take her eyes off you when she sees you in this all-inclusive sherwani style for this season.

Here’s Virat Kohli slaying the Angarkha Sherwani:

virat kohli wearing Angarkha wedding sherwani

7. Sunny Colors

Be a stand-out groom this year by wearing your wedding Sherwani in bright sunny colors. For all the men cringing at the idea, you won’t know if you want it unless you try it.

Here’s Kunal Kapoor looking splendid in a yellow Sherwani:

kunal kapoor yellow sherwani

8. The Elaborate Dupatta

A crisp and elaborate dupatta will add a touch of elegance to the groom’s attire. Handiworked dupattas in contrasting colors if draped beautifully will make your sherwani come to life and complete your look.

virat kohli dupatta sherwani

9. The Bandhgala Style

The Bandhgala Styled Sherwani is in this season. Short but stylish, the bandhgala style for grooms is definitely a good choice. Have your way with the work and design for a trendy and traditional style for your wedding.

10. The Anarkali

The Anarkali styled Sherwani was inspired from Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani but has stayed as the hottest wedding sherwani trend for 2018.

Make a fashion statement with an awe-inspiring Anarkali Sherwani for your wedding and leave everyone talking about it for a long time.

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